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We believe that young children learn through one-on-one hands on experience in a developmentally appropriate environment. Physical, social, emotional, motor, cognitive, and language development are introduced through child-centered “play experiences” that are developmentally age appropriate. Classroom routines allow for students’ active involvement and encourage meaningful experimentation, creativity, and thinking skills.


Our program provides an excellent nurturing environment in which safety is a primary concern.

Our classrooms incorporate the following:

  • Certified Teachers who are trained in CPR and First Aid

  • Developmentally appropriate materials

  • Well-maintained and safe playgrounds 

  • Daily reports to parents in applicable classes


The beginning weeks of a family's entrance into the program are devoted to establishing partnerships with parents and developing trust.


We strive to create a welcoming, homelike environment to ensure that both children and adults feel comfortable. From this foundation of security, a child can begin to form trusting relationships and develop a positive self-image. We also focus on the important role of language and culture on children's learning. Our program provides young children opportunities to explore and learn about the diversity in language and cultures in their community. Our goal is to provide culturally relevant education in which care-giving routines, teaching strategies, and curriculum match the child’s home language.


We teach children to respect, appreciate, and positively interact with people who are different from them. The overall framework of our curriculum is firmly rooted in activities of daily life such as saying hello and goodbye, building friendships, talking about who we are, what we look like, what our families look like, and what we celebrate and value.


We invite and encourage family members to visit and participate throughout the day. We look at the pre-dominant intellectual and emotional abilities in each child and determine diferent strategies needed to support growth in every area of development. Teachers create individualized activities to meet each child’s physical, emotional, social, language, and cognitive needs. This approach enables children with the delays and disabilities to participate fully.



Research shows space matters – the color, size and shape of a room are all factors that affect the way a child experiences and learns from his or her surroundings. Elite Kids Academy (EKA) collaborates with teachers and professionals of early childhood education to create an ideal space to promote physical and emotional development for our students. In addition to their experience in the classroom, children explore, learn, and grow through field trips and community activities. Children who attend are challenged to think, wonder, and imagine. Our program utilizes the highest quality and most innovative teaching Page 4 of 37 Rev. 8/15/13 methods and techniques while offering children patients, love and understanding, and encouraging play and socialization. With the emphasis on continuity of care, children enrolled in EKA are grouped as “families,” and have the same caregiver for his/her three years

Cultural Relevance

EKA believes that culturally relevant early care and education requires care-giving routines, teaching strategies and curriculum matching the child’s home culture. Miami is a place where families and children can retain their unique cultural identities while maintaining their places in the larger framework of our society. Our program brings that reality to life in the classroom as children learn about their own and their peers’ cultural practices. By implementing a cultural relevance program, we teach acceptance of all people, all appearances, and all cultures.


Anti-Bias Philosophy

EKA demonstrates an ongoing commitment to integrate an anti-bias philosophy into every aspect of its program. “Anti-bias” refers to teaching children to respect, appreciate, and positively interact with people who are diferent from them.

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